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About us

Digital Arts is a national research project funded by the National Research and Data Working Group through a National Disability Research and Development Grant. The program is led by Professor Denise Wood of Central Queensland University (also called CQUniversity).

The Chief Investigators are:

Professor Denise Wood
Professor of Learning, Equity, Access and Participation, Central Queensland University (Adelaide Campus) and Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, University of South Australia

Professor Helen Huntly
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Industry, Vocational Training and Access Education) Central Queensland University,-vocational-training-and-access-education 

Professor Bronwyn Fredericks
Pro Vice Chancellor (Indigenous Engagement) Central Queensland University

Associate Professor Pammi Raghavendra
School of Medicine, Flinders University

Dr Stefan Schutt
Centre for Cultural Diversity and Wellbeing, Victoria University

Associate Professor Deirdre Tedmanson
School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy , University of South Australia

Project Coordinator
Eleanor Jackson-Bowers, CQUnversity Adelaide Campus Telephone 08 8378 4548 Email

Research Officer
Dr Sheila Scutter , CQUnversity Adelaide Campus Email